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Masked Muscle Hunk Fists Latino Pig @ HDK Fisting

Masked top Hans Inya working his fist into a tight assMano Ryder strokes his cock while getting his ass opened up
Masked top Hans Inya working his bare fist into Mano's tight hole
Masked top Hans Inya working his bare fist into Mano's tight hole

Well it’s Christmas so I thought I would give you a little red (hankie) action today. To be fair HDKFisting.com did most of the work, but I suggested adding the green straps for the Holiday color scheme. I hope you like it.

The hungry hole is Mano Ryder an experienced fisting bottom. His ass can and has swallowed huge dicks and forceful fists. The other half of this raunchy pair is Hans Inya. He is sporting the pants tightening rubber mask. Woof. The video is pretty straight forward. Hans plunges his forearm as far in to Mano’s chute as it can go, then pulls out adds more grease and forced his way back in. Mano grunts like the eager fist pig he is which Hans takes to mean he should go deeper, which he of coarse should.

It’s easy to be so focused on Mano’s abused hole that you miss a few other hot elements. Hans has a huge pierced nipple and it’s at full attention in profile in a few shots. And I love when Hans punches so hard the sling shakes.

If you can’t get enough fisting, and honestly who can, unwrap your meaty package, take it in hand and go over to HDKFisting.com.

Hans Inya working open a tight hole
Mano lays back in the sling while Hans works his ass open

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Guy Fucks His Own Cock With A Sounding Rod @ Fetish Force

Sky lubes up his dick for a sounding sessionRubber Blond boy sounding his urethra
Sexy  rubber boy Sky Devil sounding his fat dickRubber boy Sky Devil sounding his fat cock

FetishForce.com has a little something for everyone no matter what fetish flag you fly. Although I don’t think Sounding has its own flag. And to my knowledge neither does rubber, which is a shame because both are hot as hell, but I guess a swatch of rubber in your pocket and a sound would get the point across.

This clip features a rubbered up Sky Devil in a solo performance. He has an impressive dick and this sounding clip makes sure it is the center of attention. Even if you are not in to sounding, it’s cock worth staring at. My personal favorite part of the clips is between 1:37 and 1:47 seconds. He is fucking his dick with the sound and you can see it moving under his flesh expanding his piss tube. There is something very erotic about watching the stainless steel fill him up and expand his urethra.

For more of this and other raunchy fun check out the vids at FetishForce.com.

Sky Devil using a sounding rod on his hard dickSky's hard cock with a steel sounding rod instered

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