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Black White And Yellow @ FetishForce.com

Drake Jayden sucking Race's fat cock in a bathroomInked Drake sucking Race's fat cock in a bathroom
Race Copper sucking Drake Jayden's cock, covered in his piss
Race Copper tongues Drake's tight young ass

FetishForce.com is a pretty fun site rife with fucking, fisting, spanking, toys, and as you can see plenty of pissing.

The two models here are Race Cooper & Drake Jayden. Cooper is the hot black guy in the yellow suspenders and jock. Drake is the tattooed pig who is versatile but manages to get a dick up his ass in every film I see him in. Both these men are thirsty for hot piss and eager to get it on tap. Drake seems to be slightly more piggy but Cooper has his moments. Its great watching him run his hand under Drakes’ stream and then licking it off his fingers.

This video is hot. But while there is piss everywhere it’s not just a water sports vid. Both these men have beautiful cocks. Watching Cooper dive tongue first in to Drakes hole is perhaps my favorite part. Though watching him plough Drakes hungry hole while he is bent over the bathroom sink is pretty hot too.

The clip and pics are great but they don’t do the complete video justice. Check it out at FetishForce.com.

Race Copper pisses on Drake Jayden's furry chestDrake Jayden spits out a stream of Race's piss
Race Copper drinks piss from Drakes cockDrake Jayden pisses on Race Copper's hot ass
Inked Drake getting his ass plowed by Race Copper

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Brad MacGuire Feeds His Piss To James Roscoe @ TIM Fuck

James Roscoe getting a mouthful of Brad McGuire's spit!
Brad McGuire offering his cock to James Roscoe.
Brad McGuire digs deep into James Roscoe's hole with his tongue.

TIMFuck.com is a great site for bareback fucking. Every video or photo set I have seen has ended with some eager bottom getting his hole bred. Their main page has a great video of a sloppy cum filled man cunt getting fucked.

James Roscoe is a seriously hot slutty piggy. He more than looks the role, he is take everything Brad McGuire gives him and begs for more. Spit, piss and cum, A pig boys breakfast of choice. These two have real (filthy) chemistry. Probably because they are an actual couple. If you have sharp eyes and you can pull them away from that delicious pic with Brads face buried between James’s ass cheaks you may notice they have matching TIM tattoos.

The complete perverse set is 66 photos. You can see the rest at TIMFuck.com.

Brad McGuire gets ready to fill James Roscoe's hole.
Brad McGuire shoots his load on James Roscoe's taint.
Brad McGuire feeds James Roscoe his own cum.

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Bearded Pig Is Flogged, Then Fucks @ Fetish Force

Daddy Ken kisses his tied up boy Danny Daddy Ken flogging tied up sub boy DannyDaddy Ken Bruan flogging tied up boy Danny Mann Danny Mann's beefy hair muscle ass in a jock

Fetish Force is quickly becoming one of my favorite haunts on the web. Their actors are rough and manly. The sex is raunchy and hard. They are carnal and dirty and that is just the fucking. They have every flavor of debauched fetish that I enjoy participating in and a few I have yet to tick off my list, but ARE on my list.

This clip starts out with Danny Mann (whipping boy) and Ken Braun. Everything I have seen of Ken with a flogger in his hands is amazing. If you are in to flogging you need to watch the entire video on the web site Ken has a few tricks worth picking and using in your own play. I especially like the bit where Ken is able to wield the flogger so it strikes Danny’s back and ass in each swing. If you prefer to be on the other end of the whip Danny can show you how to take it like a Mann.

The power shifts slightly when Danny has Ken sprawled out ass up on a leather table. Braun has a nice ass and his jock displays it wonderfully. He slides from Dominant flogger to an ass up bottom pretty quickly. Danny has him in various positions as he rims Braun’s ass. One particularly hot position you get to see in the clip had me thinking “Damn! Tongue fuck that hole bitch.

When Braun’s hairy hole is sufficiently spit lubed Danny brings out a monster dildo, which he wields as expertly on Ken as Ken wielded the flogger. Again I advise interested parties to take notes. After the dildo Ken gets fucked. He gets fucked hard and you can tell he enjoys it, pushing his ass back meeting Danny thrust for thrust, moaning like a (manly) fuck slut in heat.

The clip is hot but the whole scene is hotter. Go to FetishForce.com and watch the whole thing it is worth it.

Danny forces a toy into Ken's tight muscle buttKen Braun getting his ass abused by Danny Mann Furry Danny Mann forces a huge toy in Ken's tight ass Danny Man inserting his cock into Ken Braun's tight muscle ass

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Beefy Daddy And Inked Stud Swap Piss @ Fetish Force

Alessio with Josh's fat dick in his mouth
Alessio Romero on his knees sucking Josh West's hard cockJosh spreads open Alessio's furry bubble butt
Josh devours Alessio'shairy bubble assAlession feeds Josh a hot strem of piss

FetishForce.com brings us these two burly thirsty fellows take turns drinking hot piss straight from the tap. The sexy tattooed piss pig in the red shirt is Alessio Romero, his equally wet and raunchy counterpart in the white shirt and big dick is Josh West.

There isn’t much I can say about this clip. It does a great job representing the full video. Two rough looking muscle bears with full bladders meet in a bar and immediately put aside their beer for something tastier. They are not carful to get every last drop down their throats. Instead they revel in drenching themselves and each other in piss and spit.

Watersports aside the highlight for me was seeing Josh slurp his beer from between Romero’s gorgeous ass cheeks. That is an ass that was made to be fucked, and he presents it for fucking throughout the video, but it isn’t until the end of the scene that it finally gets plugged.

FetishForce.com has plenty more piss vids and more kinky depraved fuckery that you have got to see. Check it out.

Hairy muscle cub Josh West drinking pissAlessio Romero drinking a hot load of piss
Ikned stud Alessio Romero drinking pissJosh laps at Alessio's warm piss stream

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Pervy Raunchy Sex – Dick Wadd @ BarebackBox.com

Group of hot naked construction workers fucking
Huge greased up toy invades tight ass
Jessie Balboa getting his ass punch fucked
Freakzilla works his bare fist into Jessie's ass
Jessie Bloboa's bare hand in Boyhous's hairy ass

I give BarebackBox.com props for authenticity. I have been on construction sites and remodels. They look very similar to the area this was shot in, without the naked men, piss pigs and the massive dildos which I think is a shame. Nothing really says “home” like a piss thirsty slut ridding an obscenely large dildo. I think every home should have one. Two if it’s a large home. After all I hate it when I want to use the Piss-boy and it is already in use. These guys don’t seem to mind it though; they take turns and even share.

What really gets me hard about this video is that there is just so much. The ass toys are huge. So are the guys, and the streams of piss. It’s all fists and grease and sweat and fucking. This is the type of raunchy dirty sex that the pig moniker was coined for. Being the impressionable little fuck that I am it makes me want to go find 5 guys of my own for a piss and cum session of my own.

There are a fuck load of videos on BarebackBox.com to watch. Including the first Hard Hat Pigs. This is the sequel. Don’t worry if you missed the first one the riveting and highly nuanced plots of these two films are unrelated.

5 guys unload their warm piss on a willing pig
Furry cub drinking piss running off a table

Bearded Piss Pig

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