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Versatile Fisters Stretch Each Other’s Holes @ Fisting Central

Andre Barclay wrist deep in Ben's smooth ass
Andre Barclay fisting Ben Reyes's tight ass
Inked Andre pushes further into Ben's ass

You have got to respect men that can give as well as they take. The first set of pictures from FistingCentral.com feature Andre Barclay wearing Ben Reyes like a glove. My favorite photo in the set is the second pic with Ben’s legs held up and out of the way by a spreader bar. Leaving his ass vulnerable to Andre’s invading fist. The second set of pics has Ben warming his hand in Andre’s ass. Ben has changed in to a spiffy new yellow jock for his turn hole punching. Which makes me wonder why not a red one, it would be the correct flag color.

The video covers the second set of pictures. Ben’s hand is not in the clip at all it spends the whole time plunging the depths of Andre. The clip starts with Andre on his back and ends with him standing up while Ben fists him from below. The whole thing has cheesy porn music and canned moaning but the visuals are to cum for.

To see the rest of this video and more wrist riding action head to FistingCentral.com and bring plenty of lube.

Ben working his bare fist into Andre's smooth ithg assBen Reye's punches his way into Andre's tight hole
Ben Reyes works his bare fist into Andre Barclay's tight assAndre is FIsted good and deep by Ben

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Andre Barclay Takes A Fist @ Fisting Central

Antoino readies Andres ass with a ball of Crisco
Andre Barclay on his back getting fucked

In this scene from Fisting Central Andre Barclay has an insatiable appetite for ass play. Lucky for him (and us) Antonio Biaggi is willing to feed that hungry hole all it can take. Alternating between his meaty fist and raging cock, and sometimes both, Antonio tears in to Andre ass making sure he will feel it tomorrow.

As a dedicated bottom I occasionally wonder what it’s like to fuck a stretched out fuck hole. I know what it’s like to be filled almost to bursting. Hell I know what it’s like to be filled past the point of bursting. Having a top play with your eager hole with his dick and fingers, slowly opening you up; it’s a sweet feeling. Every time I look back and see I have taken a little more than I could before it’s like a small victory. Is it the same for a top? What’s it like to slip past the knuckles for the first time or to feel a brand new ass clinch on your wrist?

Check out the ass clenching action at FistingCentral.com.

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See More Hot Fisting Scenes At FistingCentral.com

18 U.S.C 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement